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  • Plot 202 Bank-Anthony Avenue, Off Ordinance Road, T-Amadi, PHC
  • 2348033391354

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About Us

Welcome to Ikong Energy Limited


IKONG ENERGY is an indigenous Oil and Gas company incorporated in Nigeria in 2017. The company was specifically created for the purpose of acquiring marginal oilfields and subsequently participate in bid rounds to acquire and operate oil blocks. Our company is made up of skilled people with diverse backgrounds and experience. We are innovative, motivated, and accountable. Operational excellence in a safe and responsible manner will be our number one priority.

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People and Culture

 We have created and nurtured a culture of inclusiveness in our organization. We recognize the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and acceptance of others without bias. 


 Integrity is at the core of our contract with society. All employees and contractors are expected to act with honesty and integrity, earning the confidence and trust of others.


We are industry experts. We will always uphold the highest global standards in all of our plans, activities and relationships with host communities and all other stakeholders.  


We work together and respect the qualities, importance, and value of others. Every member of Ikong Energy brings unique attributes to their roles with diverse experiences and perspectives.  


We are all accountable to deliver results and high performance in our roles, using the right tools and effective processes.  


We operate in a safe, environmentally responsible, and compliant manner in all our operations. This is about ensuring that all our employees and contractors make it home safely.  


We engage openly with our staff and stakeholders to share ideas, ensure two-way communication, and develop positive solutions to the benefit of all.

Mission Statement

We deliver competitive returns to our stakeholders through the application of professional capabilities in producing energy in a sustainable manner. 

We commit to deliver these competitive returns by growing our asset base and impact the lives of our communities and stakeholders. 

Vision Statement

To be a fully indigenous Oil and Gas company that delivers competitive returns for all our shareholders 

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